First Wife, First Life
Publication date 2015

From the Introduction
First Wife, First Life uses both pictures and text to recount part of my own history. My first wife, Mary Ann, was a dedicated and passionate artist, my partner in marriage, parenthood, and creativity. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1985, shortly before the tenth anniversary of our moving in together. Mary Ann was 40, I was 35, and our daughter, Eve, was two. We all joined in the battle against cancer, a prolonged and often harrowing experience that struck our family at its core. We still feel its impact today, long after Mary Ann's eventual death at the very end of 1998.
          I have several goals in creating this book. I want to provide as honest an account as possible about this trying time in my family's life, because I think it can offer some insight to those who find themselves going through similar experiences; I want to prompt readers to ask profound and personal questions about this story and their own; and I hope the book helps my children understand who they are.
          In creating this book, however, I've found that the "truth" in family stories can be elusive. The stories people tell about their lives are loaded with whatever remains unresolved in their relationships with their spouses and children and parents and siblings.

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